Tidy Tot Cornflour Sensory Play For Your Baby

Here at Tidy Tot Towers we absolutely LOVE Messy Play, so we are really excited to have teamed up with the lovely team at Mess Around to bring you a series of blog posts full of messy play ideas, tips and advice!

We hope you enjoy this first blog post of the series which explores Cornflour Sensory Play!

Cornflour Sensory Play For Your Baby

Just look at this bubba exploring the gloop inquisitively with his fingers ?


You need just 2 ingredients to make this marvellous gloop:

  • 2 cups of cornflour, and
  • 1 cup of water

Yes – that’s it. We try to keep things nice and easy for you ?

Top tip: If you’d like to colour your gloop, you can add a few drops of food colouring too.



Just mix the cornflour and water (and food colouring if used) in a bowl until it forms a gloopy mixture.

Then let your baby play! It’s so quick and simple, and is a great sensory play activity which stimulates your baby’s sense of touch. They will love how gooey and gloopy it feels as it oozes through their hands and drips from their fingers, and they will delight in smearing it everywhere – including up their arms and on their face!

Top tip: If you have a Tidy Tot Tray you could pour the gloop into the tray and let them enjoy messy, gloopy play without worrying about how you’re going to clean up the mess!


More sensory play ideas…

Give them some washable toys to play with such as farm animals or dinosaurs to create another fun activity for them to enjoy.

This little one’s having great fun playing in a huge tray of cornflour:

If you want to make enough cornflour for your baby to sit in or even to roll around in you can just increase the ingredients. A large plastic tray, sandpit or perhaps a paddling pool would all make excellent containers for them to play in.

Top Tip: If you’re making lots of gloop you might want to lay a towel or sheet beneath the tray to catch the drips and splashes before your baby starts playing!

Cornflour gloop will keep your baby happily entertained for ages. Just look at this little one having fun as she plays in colourful pink gloop:

Your baby will delight in getting super messy during this exciting, fun activity as it stimulates their senses.

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We can’t wait to share more of our favourite edible play activities with you on the Tidy Tot blog next month ?

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