5 Best Finger Food for BLW

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You’ve decided that Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) is the best approach for you and your baby. You’ve done your research and of course, invested in a Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit to contain the inevitable mess! So now….where to start?

Here we take you through our Top 5 first finger foods for Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) – suitable from 6 months.

1. Raw slices or chunks of soft fruits and vegetables such as banana, avocado, melon, cucumber.
Let them grab and squish to their heart’s content!

2. Cooked sticks or chunks of vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, sweet potato and ‘harder’ fruits such as apple. Ensure the sticks are soft enough to be easily chewed and sucked on and to avoid choking

3. Cooked pasta is a great texture to explore, fun to grasp and keep hold of and can be served with or without a sauce to expose your baby to even more tastes and sensations

4. Mild cheeses such as Edam are great – simply slice into sticks or large chunks

5. Toast fingers are a quick and easy finger food and especially great for teething babies – they will love the feel of the texture on their gums!

Which will your baby love? Have fun exploring these first tastes and textures as you start your Baby-Led Weaning journey!

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