Baby Shower Present Ideas

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We all love a gorgeous baby shower to celebrate a new arrival, but sometimes thinking of a unique and useful baby present idea can be a challenge. So, we’ve put together our own list of our Baby shower present ideas! If you are organising or attending a baby shower, celebrating the announcement or the arrival of a little one, or looking for a special gift for a gender reveal party, you might just find the perfect baby present ideas here.Baby showers come in all shapes and sizes, from a small afternoon tea to large BBQ or an intimate gathering with mocktails! Whether you are planning or attending a baby shower, just make sure there is plenty of cake… sorry did we say that out loud!

Along with food and games at a baby shower, there is also of course present giving for the new baby, which is what we are here to talk about and not cake…!! Oops!We love the idea of a Nappy Cake (sorry, we have mentioned cake again haven’t we!) which is a traditional American baby shower gift. Essentially a cake made up of nappies, you can add other small presents to the ‘cake’, such as a comforter, clothing or blankets.

A particular favourite new baby present idea for us here at Tidy Tot is to put together a lovely personalised hamper with a mix of clothing, bathing products, toys and cuddly toys.



Some of our favourite things to add include:

  • Luxury baby bath bubbles suitable for delicate newborn skin
  • A super soft hooded towel
  • A bath time caddy or wicker basket (useful to also present everything in)
  • Luxury toiletries as a well deserved treat for mum – (Sheet masks for a quick ‘pick-me-up’ are great along with nourishing hand creams and relaxing pillow mists)
  • Of course, our super soft Bamboo Wash Mitts also make a super-cute and useful new baby gift!


More baby present ideas and top tips!


  • Purchase some newborn nappies and write notes on the front to make those middle of the night bum changes a little more entertaining
  • A super cute and fun outfit – newborns are just too cute and don’t insist on picking out their own clothes like toddlers do!
  • Don’t just buy all new born sizes, consider buying larger sizes so that they have clothes to grow into
  • Staple baby items – you can never have enough simple white vests, muslins, bibs and socks!
  • Milestone cards are a wonderful way to celebrate each development milestone and capture that special first year

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