Craft ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is just around the corner so we have some fun craft ideas just for you! We enjoy crafting just as much as Stacey Solomon does (if you know you know). We have come up with some simple craft ideas which you can enjoy doing either with your toddler or by yourself!

Make some everlasting flowers with your toddler all you needs is some straws and some tissue paper.
Step One: Cut the tissue into circlesStep Two: Pinch the middle and twistStep Three: Apply a little bit of Glue to the twist and insert into your straw

Step Four: Enjoy!

They never need water, feeding and they won’t ever die, the perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day!

Crafting with your toddler:

It’s always nice to receive a card on Mother’s Day – so why not pass this idea on to your partner and see if they can follow our easy steps to make you a card?

You will need: Card, crayons, paint, straws, bits and bobs, pens and of course something sparkly!

Step One: Fold the card in halfStep Two: Let your toddler go wild with the designOrStep Two: Paint your child’s hand and print on a piece of card, allow to dryStep Three: Roughly cut out the print and stick to a straw – if you have more than one child print each hand or if you have one hand print the same hand twice

Step Four: Cut out a pot shape on coloured card

Step Five: Glue the pot to the card leaving the top open (try and bunch the top together to create a little opening)

Step Six: Insert your handprint flowers to your card

Step Seven: Make the card look pretty – why not a add a little glitter and make it sparkle!

Here’s what we made earlier – again as ever we had fun making them with our Toddlers so no judgement please ?


Download our pot shape for ease of crafting!

*Alternate idea to straws, is to tightly roll up a piece of paper into a tube*

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