Easter Egg hunt without the chocolate

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This year Easter falls on April 4th and, with Spring very much in the air, we want to make the most of getting outside! We have 2 ideas for getting outside.

Easter Fun

Step One: Print out Easter cut outs

Step Two: Get the crayons or paints out and let your little one go to town

*Don’t forget to put them in our Long Length Coverall to protect their clothes*

Step Three: Role up some paper very tightly to make your own straw

Step Four: Attach to drawings

Step Five: Hide them in the garden or around the house

Step Six: Make yourself a hot drink!

Step Seven: Set your toddler free, why not make a little map or print out the shapes again so they can match them up and know when they have found them all

Download Easter trail

Another Easter fun idea is a natural trial

Print our nature trial images and get outside and enjoy the fresh air, this can be done any time of the year not just at Easter and mark off with your little one what they find!

Don’t forget to talk about what they are experiencing and seeing!

  • The beautiful yellow daffodils
  • Blue sky
  • Fluffy white clouds
  • Green Grass
  • Blue Bells

Ignite the senses and mention what they can smell, the fresh cut grass, a family BBQ in the distance or the beautiful aroma of spring flowers!

Download our printable nature trail

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