Father’s Day Craft idea

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Father’s day is fast approaching and we all need ideas for super cute and personalised gift ideas that can be quickly made with your little ones whilst minimising the mess and stress that glue, glitter and paint can generate!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…….. just like our bibs!

Most of the team here at Tidy Tot HQ are mums and we have all faced a similar dilemma on Father’s Day. Here we share our top 5 ideas that work a treat every year!

1. Father’s day card – also a lovely baby keepsake!

You will need card, paints and some marker pens

Step One – Fold the card in half to make a card

Step Two –  Paint your little one’s foot and press firmly down so that the toes are pointing to the bottom of the card

Step Three – Next paint your little one’s hand, we suggest you use a brighter colour than the footprint to help contrast.  Position their hand print to the right of the of the foot, slightly overlayed.

Step Four – Paint a small head at the top of the foot and arm (see image) to bring your superhero to life!

Step Five – Write a message on the front (you may wish to allow the paint to dry first)

Step Six– Sign and wrap the card ready for Father’s Day!


2. Best Dad Medal

You will need a paper plate, paint, gems and ribbon.

Step One – Paint your paper plate a bright colour and allow to dry

Step Two – Decide what the award is for and write this on the plate – “Best Dad in the World” is always a good one!

Step Three – Add your gems around the outside and decorate

Step Four – Add your ribbon to the bottom for the final flourish!

Step Five – Date the back and sign – wrap the card ready for Father’s Day

3. Dad you are my rock!

You will need paints, a rock and a permanent marker

Step One – Find a nice, smooth rock

Step Two – Get creative with your design and paint!

Step Three – Wait for the paint to dry before adding a personal message in permanent marker pen.  We love‘ My Dad Rocks’ as a cute message!



4. Hands down the best Dad canvas/picture

You will need a small canvas, paints and marker pens

Step One – Paint your little ones hands and place on the canvas

Step Two – Allow the paint to dry and then write ‘Best Dad’ along the top of the picture and ‘Hands Down’ along the bottom. Check out the image to see what we mean!



5. The Card Tie

You will need scissors, glue, coloured card, paints and our template 

Step One – Print out our template – Download here

Step Two – Fold the card in half

Step Three – Cut the tie out and glue to the front of the card

Step Four – Let your little one go to town and paint the tie either with their hands or paint brush, which ever works for you!.

Step Five – Allow to dry, sign and wrap for Father’s Day


We hope you enjoy trying out some of our Father’s Day crafting and gift ideas, please tag us in your pictures on social media, we would love to see your creations!

Don’t forget, our Long Length Coverall Bib is just perfect for craft times and you can put the fun into clean up time with our adorable Bamboo Wash Mitts too!

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