Homemade Mother’s Day Card Ideas

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There’s nothing quite like the gift of a Handmade Card from a special little one in your life.

We thought we would put together some fun, creative & simple Card designs you can do with your little ones

Toilet Roll Flowerhomemade cards

Put your empty toilet rolls to good use with this card idea.

You will need –

  • A Empty Toilet Roll
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Piece of Card

How to:

  1. Cut strips around 1 end of your Toilet roll, and fan out the strips to make a flower shape.
  2. Paint each of the Strips & then press down onto the Card.

Magic Painting Card

Children of all ages will love creating these cards, they’re magic!

You will need –

  • A white Wax Crayon
  • Watercolour paints
  • A piece of Card

How to:

  1. Draw & write on the Card with the crayon.
  2. Then gently paint over the top using the watercolours.
  3. Ta-Da! This will reveal your Pictures & Writing.

Dandelion Wish CardMothers day craft

This is a lovely card and your little ones will love using the buds to Paint with.

You will need –

  • A cotton bud
  • Paint
  • Felt Pen
  • A piece of Card

How to:

  1. Draw a dandelion outline onto the Card.
  2. Then let your little one’s make dots all around the edge, using the cotton bud.
  3. Make sure you tell the Card recipient to make a wish when you hand it to them!

Fingerprint Hearts Cardtoddler craft

This is a lovely sensory card for little ones of all ages to enjoy! It’s messy, so you’ll probably want to pop on Our Long Sleeved Coverall for this Card.

You will Need –

  • A piece of Card
  • Blue tac
  • Heart shape piece of Card
  • Paint

How to:

  1. Blue tac your heart shape to the centre of your Card.
  2. Then dip your fingers into the Paint and make dots all over the Card.
  3. Once it has dried, take off the blue tac heart!

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