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Did you know we have a Messy Weaning Club you can join?

We’re all about embracing the mess of weaning, safe in the knowledge the vast majority of it will be contained in our ingenious Tidy Tot coverall bibs! Less stress for us and more fun for little ones. We share pictures, videos and nuggets of weaning wisdom as part of our #MessyWeaningClub on Instagram.

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Meet a few of the Messy Weaning Club gang

Andrea and her boys Sammy, 7yrs, Henry, 3yrs and Joshua 18 months

You can follow Andrea’s weaning journey here

Andrea lives in Cheshire with her husband, Steve, three energetic boys and boisterous dog. There’s no such thing as peace and quiet in her house! Having weaned all three of her boys she’s found the experience to be different each time and has lived through fussy eating stages to point blank food refusal at times. With three hungry mouths to feed she sticks to the one meal for all approach, to avoid the hassle of making different meals to suit different tastes.

Her top weaning tip is to get silly at mealtimes. She says, “I often find myself brushing my teeth with broccoli or painting my lips red with raspberries – anything to get them to put foods they’re wary of to their mouths to get used to the texture and taste.”


Messy Monkey of the Month – Wall of Fame

These little monkeys are putting their Tidy Tot bibs through their paces and embracing extreme mess. We applaud you little ones! Carry on…