Disposable Coverall Bib


The ONLY disposable bib with long sleeves offering complete protection from mealtime mess. This is an on-the-go weaning essential!

  • Resealable strip at the bottom of the bib sticks to table or high chair – no more gaps!
  • Long sleeves
  • Water-resistant protection
  • A travel and holiday essential
  • One size suitable for babies 6 months plus
  • Adjustable neck fastening
  • Made from recyclable materials
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About the new Tidy Tot Disposable Coverall Bib

The ONLY on-the go disposable bib that offers complete protection with full coverage and long sleeves.

The Tidy Tot Disposable Coverall Bib is an absolute travel essential with a weaning baby. The unique, patent-pending design features a resealable strip at the bottom of the bib which sticks to the front of baby’s eating surface such as the highchair tray or dining table.

With no more dropped food, you’ll leave the restaurant floor as clean as you found it – result!

Our patent pending adhesive strip design, combined with long-sleeved protection means your baby is kept clean from head to toe!

Conveniently disposable, there’s no need to cart dirty bibs home after a meal out. Perfect for your first family holiday and days out. Environmentally aware, these bibs are made from recyclable materials (please note that capabilities of local recycling facilities may vary).

“These disposable bibs are a life saver when you’re at a café or on holiday. They not only keep my little boy completely clean they also stop me having to crawl around the floor on my hands and knees in front of everyone picking up all the food he’s dropped!”

Andrea, mum to Joshua aged 12 months

All you need to know:

Product Details

Comes in a handy resealable twin pack of 2 Tidy Tot Disposable Coverall Bibs.  Available as handy re-sealable twin pack of 2,  a Multi-Pack (3 x Twin Packs) and a Bulk Pack (10 x Twin Packs)

Care Instructions

Dispose of thoughtfully after use. Made from recyclable materials.