Bamboo Wash Mitts and Cover & Catch

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Our Tidy Tot Wean and Clean bundles are designed to encourage your little one to feed themselves and also learn to clean themselves too!

This fantastic bundle contains our Cover & Catch Bib in Dancing Zebra print teamed with our beautifully soft and re-usable Bamboo Wash Mitts to make feeding and clean up time fun for both you and baby!


Unscrew the tip and fill with water and replace, ensure the lid is firmly on to avoid any leakage, and off you doodle!

What's Included?

One water pen compatible with Tidy Tot Snack & Doodle™ water doodle mats

Please note, this is a replacement Water Pen only and does not include the Snack & Doodle™ snack bag itself.

How To Use

Fill with water and use with Tidy Tot Snack & Doodle™ water doodle mats

Care Instructions

Once you have finished using the pen please empty any remaining water and leave to dry.


Do I need to purchase separately if I am buying Snack & Doodle™ reusable snack bags?

The sets already come with a water pen, these are great for siblings who want to join in or in case your water pen goes missing.



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About Our Summer Weaning Bundle

Our Summer Weaning Bundle contains our iconic Bib & Tray Kit in Dove Grey, plus two additional short sleeve 1x Dancing Zebra and 1x Sunny Rainbow print bibs at a great price!

Whether you are traditional puree weaning, baby-led weaning or mixing up to suit your baby, this essential piece of weaning kit will reduce the washing and cleaning that comes with messy mealtimes. Our unique Bib & Tray kit eliminates the gap between baby and highchair, giving them a larger surface area on which to explore and discover food, toys and messy play. Wider than baby’s arm span, the lipped tray stops food and toys falling to the floor and cuts your clean up time in half, whilst the feeding bibs protect clothes and catch food and mess which would otherwise drop onto your little one’s lap. Plus, you can see at a glance just how much food baby has eaten as it’s all there on the tray!

The Summer Weaning bundle is also perfect for creative and interactive play. Painting, baking, sand and water play can all be contained on the wipe-clean tray.

It’s the ultimate bib combination with options for both warmer and cooler days!