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Coverall bib for weaning

Baby Weaning Bibs You Can Trust!

Our award-winning coverall and baby weaning bibs are perfect for every stage of your weaning journey. Whether puree feeding or baby-led weaning, letting your baby use their hands to explore their food is developmentally beneficial, can reduce fussy eating and increase food acceptance. But it’s incredibly messy!  That’s where we come in 😉

Our baby weaning bibs are soft, comfortable, and waterproof.  Our coverall bibs protect highchairs, clothes and floor from the spills and mess of weaning. Choose from our convenient Cover & Catch coverall bib, our value busting Long Length Coverall or for complete protection and an incredible sensory weaning experience, choose our Bib & Tray Kit. 

Along with our weaning and coverall bibs, we have a full range of weaning products designed to simplify weaning, making mealtimes more enjoyable for you, your baby and toddler. Our products are designed with your child’s development in mind. From our Bib & Tray Kit for a full-on sensory weaning experience, to our Suction Plate & Bowl to develop self-feeding skills, and our Snack & Doodle for creative toddlers who just won’t sit still.  

All our products, including our coverall and weaning bibs, have been designed to save you money, be more environmentally friendly, aid with child development and make life easier for you!

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About Us

Like all great businesses, Tidy Tot started with a problem. When weaning her baby, founder Jen couldn’t find a weaning bib good enough to cope with the mess – so set about creating a coverall weaning bib that really did the job.  Tidy Tot now offers a wide range of innovative, problem-solving products loved by parents all over the world! From our weaning and coverall bibs to our Bamboo Wash Mitts that keep tears at mealtimes at bay, our aim is to make products that make things a little bit easier for you, but also fun for your children too!

About us

Award Winning

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FAQ's About Our Coverall Bibs & Weaning Products

What Are The Benefits Of Your Coverall and Weaning Bibs?

Our weaning bibs have a whole range of benefits, centred around simplifying your weaning journey! Whether you choose our Bib & Tray Kit or our Coverall Bibs (available in both short sleeve and long sleeve), you will experience some great benefits: 

  • Reduce food waste by £1 a day with our Bib & Tray Kit
  • Allow your child to freely explore and become independent eaters
  • Use for play time, meal times and everything in between
  • Significantly reducing clean up time - 10 minutes every meal! 
  • Simply wipe clean or machine wash
  • Suitable for 6 month olds through to 4 year olds! 

Along with our weaning and coverall bibs, we have great supporting weaning accessories to make your weaning journey that bit easier, as well as making it fun for your baby! 

All of our products, including our coverall and weaning bibs, have been designed to help you save money, be more environmentally friendly, aid with child development and make life easier for you! 

What Makes Tidy Tot Different?

We’re a full time family business based in the UK, with our journey starting when our founder Jen was weaning her first baby. As a result, caring for our children and wanting the best experience for parents is always at the core of everything we do, which certainly sets us apart. 

Every product we create is based on our own baby led weaning experiences. We were the first company to launch the ‘catch-all’ weaning bib, and sensory weaning tray in our now iconic Bib & Tray kit. From here, we have expanded our product range, including our collection of coverall bibs, to suit different families and their weaning journeys, as well as the accessories you need, to make things easy for parents and fun for baby. 

Another thing that sets us apart is our absolute focus on your child’s development. From our weaning bibs that encourage your baby to self-feed and explore with confidence, to our Snack & Doodle that develops fine motor skills. The time and development that goes into every product makes a significant difference to the quality. This is why we work with weaning experts to provide you with the best possible product. All of this, whilst also making clean up and meal times so much easier for you, both at home and on-the-go? Yes please!

What Are The Best Weaning Bibs?

All of our weaning bibs are waterproof, provide full coverage from mess and food spills, have adjustable neck fastenings and are machine washable, so no matter which of our weaning or coverall bibs you choose, you’ll enjoy all of these benefits! 

So, the decision comes down to the best fit for your family. Our Bib & Tray Kit is an essential for early baby led weaning and sensory playtime. Our coverall bibs are available in both long sleeve and short sleeve, giving you options for hot sunny days and making this easier for babies who just don’t like sleeves! 

Our value busting Long Length Coverall weaning bibs offer 360 degree protection from all food, mess and from stray paint-brushes and pens!  Made with a lightweight, durable fabric, your child can still stay cool whilst having full coverage. Both our long length coverall bib, and our long and short sleeve, are compatible with any highchair and come with a zipped travel pouch to take with you on the go! 

For a full weaning solution that allows your baby to explore their food with a larger surface than a high chair tray, our Bib & Tray Kit is a great solution. You’ll receive a sensory tray ideal for play and meal times and a coverall bib, to stop anything falling from the floor and allow you to see exactly how much your baby has eaten. As a more compact version of this to take when travelling or eating out, our Cover & Catch weaning bib is ideal!

What Age Are Your Weaning and Coverall Bibs Suitable For?

Our weaning and coverall bibs can take your child through their entire weaning and early childhood eating journey, from the age of 6 months through to 4 years. With adjustable neck fastenings, our coverall bibs can grow with your children, a sustainable choice for your child’s weaning journey.

What Other Weaning Products Does Tidy Tot Have?

Along with our full range of coverall and weaning bibs, we have plenty of fun and useful weaning products to support your journey from early weaning through to toddler feeding. 

Our Award Winning Silicone tableware range includes silicone plates, bowls, snack pots and spoons - making them the ideal feeding set for your baby or toddler, whether you’re on a baby led weaning journey or traditional spoon feeding. With curved sides for scooping and a strong suction base, along with a completely BPA free, LFGB Silicone which is dishwasher-proof, freezer safe, oven safe and microwavable, these products are unbreakable and your ideal weaning companion. With our coverall bibs, this weaning combination is unstoppable! 

To help you clean up after meal times, play times or for during bath time, our soft and reusable Bamboo Wash Mitts are designed to reduce tears or wipe mucky faces! With 3 adult sized mitts and 3 baby sized mitts, you can use them yourself to clean or wash the baby, then encourage them to imitate and play along with their own baby mitts! 

Food on-the-go has been made fun with our reusable Snack & Doodle bags with attached aqua-doodle mat! Place your sandwiches and snacks into the bag, as a great alternative to clunky plastic tubs, then your child can enjoy colouring on the aqua doodle mat on the back. With a 100% food-safe lining, providing a hygienic surface to eat from, this is a safe, fun and convenient way to help your child eat on the go.