Bamboo Wash Mitts

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These beautifully soft and re-usable bamboo baby wash mitts encourage fuss-free face wiping and put the play into clean-up time! Our baby washcloths are designed to reduce tears at bath time, or when wiping mucky faces.
Orange tick2 Each pack contains 3 x baby sized wash mitts and 3 x adult sized wash mitts
Orange tick2 Crafted from super-soft, renewable bamboo
Orange tick2 Washable and re-usable
Orange tick2 Naturally absorbent & anti-bacterial
Orange tick2 Alternative to disposable baby wipes
Orange tick2 Kind to dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin
Orange tick2 Use our baby washcloths at mealtime, bath time, anytime!
Orange tick2 Suitable from birth – use from newborn to toddler years
Orange tick2 Perfect as a newborn gift or baby shower gift

About the Bamboo Baby Wash Mitts

Bamboo Baby Wash Mitt Features

Crafted from naturally absorbent and anti-bacterial bamboo, these super-soft baby washcloths are gentle on sensitive skin and teething gums. Washable and re-usable, they are an eco alternative to disposable baby wipes.

Our Bamboo Baby Wash Mitts make the perfect new baby gift that is both adorable AND useful!

What's Included?

Contains 3 x baby sized wash mitts and 3 x adult sized wash mitts.

How To Use Our Baby Washcloths

Newborn to 12 months – place the baby sized wash mitts fully over your baby’s hand.

12 months + - place the baby sized wash mitts over your baby’s first 4 fingers leaving the thumb exposed to help with control and dexterity.  

Use the adult sized mitts to wipe baby’s face and hands or to wash them at bath time, whilst they play and imitate with their own baby mitt. Use with our Bib & Tray Kit for an unstoppable combination!

Make up stories, create your own characters, sing, dance, but most of all have fun with our baby washcloths!

Create a world of play as you wash!

Care Instructions

Machine wash at 30°C with similar colours. Do no bleach. Do not tumble dry.

FAQs About Our Bamboo Baby Wash Mitts

Can I use Tidy Tot baby washcloths for newborn bathtime?

Yes! You can use our Tidy Tot baby washcloths for newborn bathtime. We use a super soft bamboo material that can be used on the most delicate skin. With newborn bathtimes, you want to avoid using bathtime items such as sponges, as these can be too harsh for newborn skin. Instead, use our baby washcloths or cotton wool instead, with a gentle baby wash product to avoid irritating your newborn’s skin.


What are the care instructions for bamboo fabric of our baby wash mitts?

The bamboo fabric of our baby wash mitts is super easy to look after – great news for busy parents! Bamboo fabric will maintain its soft qualities wash after wash, but the general rule is the more gentle you are with the fabric, the longer it will last! We recommend washing your Tidy Tot bamboo baby washcloths after each use on a cool wash with a gentle washing detergent. Then, leave to dry naturally or put on a low heat in the dryer.


Is bamboo fabric sustainable?

Bamboo is a highly sustainable crop – it’s a fast-growing grass, requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates! For our baby washcloths, we chose to use bamboo as it is super soft, can be easily washed and cuts down on waste created by products such as baby wipes or cotton wool. This means that not only are our bamboo baby wash mitts better for your baby, but also for your pocket and the environment!


Can I use Tidy Tot baby washcloths on sensitive skin?

Yes – our Tidy Tot baby washcloths can be used on sensitive and delicate skin. Made using super soft -bamboo, which is naturally absorbent and antibacterial, our baby washcloths are gentle on dry, sensitive, delicate or allergy-prone skin. Our bamboo wash mitts are gentle enough for newborn skin and are robust enough for wriggling toddlers who hate having their face wiped!


Can I use Tidy Tot baby bamboo washcloths for faces?

Whether you use our bamboo baby washcloths for wiping mucky hands and faces after mealtimes or like your little one to use in the bath to encourage self-cleaning, our bamboo baby washcloths have multiple different uses and can be used to wipe faces! Replacing the use for baby wipes, our bamboo baby washcloths are far gentler, more eco-friendly and can be reused over and over again. Made with soft bamboo fabric, many parents use our bamboo washcloths for faces, whether to get rid of mess after mealtimes or as part of bathtime at the end of the day, even on the most delicate skin. Use with our coverall weaning bibs so the only place you need to use our baby wash mitts is on baby’s face! 



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About our Baby Washcloths

Hands up if your little one just hates having their face wiped after a messy meal, or there are tears at bath time after a long day?

Here at Tidy Tot, we understand the struggle that comes with keeping messy little faces clean, and our super cute baby washcloths help to bring playtime to clean-up time! Our entire range of weaning products is designed to help make weaning easier and reduce mess for you, from our suction weaning plates that allow for easy scooping to our weaning bibs that cover baby to reduce mess. So, take a look at our other weaning products to make your whole weaning journey easier!  

Fun and Practical

With 3 bamboo baby wash mitts especially designed for baby’s hands and 3 adult-sized wash mitts in each pack, you can create a world of play as you wash baby thanks to the fun designs, helping to encourage independent wiping and cleaning. 

Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Our baby washcloths are crafted from beautifully soft, naturally absorbent and anti-bacterial bamboo and these super-soft baby wash mitts are kind to dry, sensitive and allergy-prone faces. They are gentle enough for newborns and can be used right up to toddler ages – perfect for siblings who love playing in the bath!

Eco-Friendly Choice

The renewable bamboo fabric of our baby wash mitts is washable and re-usable and offers an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable baby wipes.

Our bamboo wash mitts are perfect for multiple uses and are ideal for messy mealtimes, bathtime, playtime – anytime!

The Perfect Gift! 

These beautifully packaged baby washcloths also make a gorgeous baby shower or new baby gift which will last through the years.

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