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Creative Play Ideas

Let’s get creative!

Plenty of research highlights the developmental benefits of creative and messy play for babies and toddlers, right from the early months when they become more aware of the world around them.

We’ve got some great ideas and resources to share to help you engage your baby’s senses, explore various textures, materials and sensations and of course most importantly – have fun! Above all, don’t be afraid of the mess, with our range of coverall bibs you can be assured that precious outfits are fully protected. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get stuck in!

imaginative sensory play

Roll up your sleeves, put on their bib and let’s have some fun!

Creative play ideas with handy downloads:

Edible finger paints  |  Water play  |  Jelly play  |  Fun with cornflour

Free Colour & Play Sheets

Rabbit  |  Lion  |  Hedgehog  |  Elephant  |  Tidy Tot World

Foam sensory play

Don’t worry….. help with the clean up is at hand!

The great news is that theTidy Tot Bib & Tray Kitalso doubles up as the perfect platform for messy play! The coverall bib fully protects clothing from paints and spills whilst the tray provides a secure, self-contained (and wipe clean!) surface, keeping any mess well away from the floor.

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water play creative play

Water Play

There are endless possibilities for your little one to explore when it comes to water play, and it doesn’t just have to be in the bath. Your mess makers can develop their gross and fine motor skills with a pour, scoop or splash!  Here are a few ideas of how you can add an extra dimension to your water play at home.

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creative play sensory play

Edible Finger Paints

We all know how little ones love to put their fingers and various objects in their mouths which can make messy play a little challenging! That’s why we love the idea of safe, edible ‘paints’ made from natural ingredients so you can relax and let your baby explore and get messy!

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Jelly Play

Playing with jelly provides a delightful sensory experience for your baby as they explore the squishy, wobbly texture in their hands and enjoy the sweet fruity taste on their tongue. You know they won’t be able to resist putting their sticky little fingers in their mouth as they play so don’t try to stop them. Just give them jelly to play with and relax in the knowledge that it’s perfectly safe.

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