Wean without waste

Join us on our mission to ‘Wean Without Waste!’

Did you know that 4.5 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away each year by UK households?  Cooking, preparing or serving too much for accounts for 25% of this waste; which is the equivalent weight of 225,000 Elephants!*

100% of parents fromour recent survey said that the Bib & Tray Kit prevented food being wasted at mealtimes

Even higher levels of food waste happen in households with young children in the home and
in our own research we found that typically, as much as 80% of a meal can be wasted when weaning.

As a company dedicated to making mealtimes easier for parents and children, we are on a
mission to help families worldwide reduce the amount of food they waste whilst
weaning - helping to save money, reduce stress and of course help our planet along the way.

Weaning your baby is a journey of exploring foods and helping your little one to develop all
the skills they need to become happy and confident eaters.  No one wants to see the food they have lovingly prepared wasted and inedible on the floor!

Over the next few weeks we will be teaming up with expert Zenia @theflavouracademy to bring you lots of helpful tips, advice and recipes to help you reduce food waste in your home. Keep an eye out on our socials, sign up to our newsletter and check out our useful blog posts to keep up with our campaign and please share amongst friends, family and colleagues to help us spread our #WeanWithoutWaste message!

*Source: Food Surplus and Waste in the UK Key Facts, WRAP 2021