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As one of our affiliate partners this part of our website is for you – to tell you all you need to know about Tidy Tot products and how to get the most out of our affiliate programme.

A reminder on the proposition.

Use your unique code, found on your GoAff account to:

Give your followers 10% off all items on the Tidy Tot website (not including sale or promotional items)

Earn 10% commission on every sale (excluding promotional items)


A little more information about the affiliate program

Payment will be made at the end of each month directly into your Paypal account once you exceed £35 (commission will be carried over from previous months until you reach this threshold).

Most importantly, we want to support you in getting the most out of this programme. Please tag us in all your posts and share content regularly to encourage your followers to use the code. Please do email pictures and videos to affiliate@tidytot.com each month which we can tag you in and share on our social channels. Every month we’ll pick our favourite and send you a little thank you gift – get your content in before the last day of the month, we’ll contact you directly if you win.

If you have any questions or problem please email affiliate@tidytot.com

Here’s our top tips to make our affiliate programme work for you

Post regularly on your grid and in Stories showing our products in action – we’d recommend at least 3-5 stories a week during mealtimes with your unique code added to your postVideo is a great way to show how clever our bibs can be! An unboxing, the tray catching food before it falls to the ground or simply your baby getting messy with ‘danger’ foods like Spaghetti Bolognese…we all rejoice when we see a clean baby revealed underneath! Have you tried a Reel adding a bit of music and humour?Use all your social channels – Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok – if you tag us in them we’ll do our best to share your postTalk about or show the unique benefits of our products in your posts – eg. Easy to wash, quick to put on, food stays on the tray/highchair and doesn’t fall to the floor, promotes independent eating or washing, no more food on baby’s lap, less clothes washing!Speak to us if you have any questions and check out our product care tips below to keep your products in good condition and looking great!


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Take a look at our Social Media for Examples

Content we’d like to see this month

We love seeing your creativity with pictures and videos. Videos in particular really show the products in action. Here’s some inspiration for videos this month – good luck!


Bib & Tray Kit– food being flung by baby and caught by the tray OR the mountain of food caught in the ‘well’ of the bib and not reaching baby’s lap OR really messy meals with ‘danger’ foods – don’t be afraid to go for it with tomato soup, spaghetti Bolognese or curry – our bibs can handle it!

Cover & Catch Coverall– baby’s reactions to individual foods – try florets of broccoli, sticks of cooked carrots or cauliflower, handfuls of raspberries – we love seeing their cute faces as they discover new flavours!

LongLength Coverall Bib– messy play – painting, play dough or jelly play!

Bamboo Wash Mitts– has your baby mastered how to wipe their own mucky face? We’d love to see it!

Snack & Doodle– your child having fun with the water mat – how creative can they be with their pictures. Or taking the snack bag out on a day trip to the farm, zoo or park.

Suction cups

Suction cups – Sometimes the suction cups can become misshapen during storage and transit. If you are trying to stick your suction cups to a smooth, flat surface and find that they are not sticking well simply fully immerse the suction cups into boiling water for 30 seconds to one minute.You will notice that any kinks or irregularities in the cup will disappear and it will return to its original round shape. Optimal suction performance should then be resumed!

Trays (part of the Bib & Tray Kit)

 Due to time spent in storage and transit, some Tidy Tot Trays may appear creased when you first take them out of the packaging. To restore your tray to its original, smooth splendour, simply boil a kettle without the lid on and place your tray above the steam, moving it around until the steam has been applied to all sections of the tray.The steam will quickly iron out any creases leaving you with a beautifully smooth tray!

Washing instructions – Tidy Tot Bib: Our new and improved bibs are now fully waterproof and machine wash at 40 degrees. Use the wash strip provided to close the hook and loop fastening on the bottom of the bib. Wash and dry inside out. Do not use biological washing powder or fabric softener. Do not wash with delicate items. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry.

We recommend washing the bibs immediately after mealtimes. However, some staining from certain food stuffs can be unavoidable. For stubborn stains such as tomato sauce or curry you can use a bit of stain remover and wash the bibs on a 60-degree wash.

Tidy Tot Tray: Wash in hot, soapy water before using for the first time and after each use. Allow to air dry and store in a dry place.