Making a Valentine’s day card

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There are plenty of different design ideas to create a beautiful Valentine’s day card at home to help share the love. Here are our top favourite ideas:

  1. Love heart footprint – heels together with toes pointing out in a V and press down – lovely little keepsake too for years to come.
  2. Family handprint stack – the person with the largest hand prints first and then so on until you get to the smallest hand – do not forget to press your hand firmly down and fingers wide so you can see lots of lovely colours come through.
  3. Patterned heart – print or draw a heart on a piece of thin card then cover the reverse in paint and cover with cling film or a plastic wallet if you have a young child or allow them to colour in with crayon (age dependent) once coloured in or paint has dried cut out and fold it in half then stick to your card A5 card and hey-presto.
  4. The patch work heart – find different fabrics or materials like buttons or pasta and glue them to a piece of card in the shape of a heart or whatever shape you like the most ?
  5. Use different materials and make your own stamps – bubble wrap or cut out pieces of card to make some fun shapes or use cotton wool to create different patterns.

Here are our attempts, be kind! – but we had fun making them ? and it’s the taking part that counts right?

So, why not have a go at making your own Valentine’s day cards with your little one, send them to your loved ones in the post, it’s always lovely receiving happy post. Why not include a little update of what your little one has been up to or what they are enjoying eating ??

Use one of our Cover and Catch or Long Length Bibs whilst crafting and help prevent stains on your little one’s clothes.

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