Do we really eat with our eyes?

Do we really eat with our eyes?

Do we really eat with our eyes?

If you’re familiar with our Sensory Weaning series, you’ll already know that babies use all of their senses as they embark on their weaning journey - and the way food is presented can have a significant influence on our baby’s willingness to eat it.

Whether you’re weaning using suction plates or weaning without baby weaning plates entirely, it’s important to recognise that food presentation and its visual appeal are important factors that affect our perception of taste and our overall dining experience. Here are some ways in which food presentation - on or off baby suction plates - can influence our baby’s willingness to eat:

Visual Appeal: Food that is visually appealing is often more enticing. Bright colours, an attractive suction plate and a well-arranged presentation can make a meal more attractive and appetizing.

Appetite Stimulation: When food is presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner, it can stimulate our appetite and make us more eager to try it.

Portion Control: Smaller portions that are artfully presented can be more satisfying than larger servings haphazardly plated. Using an attractive suction weaning plate, particularly one with divided sections, can really help with this.

Healthier Choices: Food presentation can also influence choices when it comes to healthier eating. When healthy options are presented in an appealing manner, your baby may be more inclined to choose them over less healthy alternatives.

The right equipment: Divided suction plates can do a great job at making the presentation of food that much easier – and starting with a great looking suction plate gives you a big advantage right from the off. Our Owl and Fox shaped Silicone Suction Plates come with 2 removable pots that form the eyes of your chosen character. Perfect for babies and toddlers alike they are almost guaranteed to encourage a clean baby plate!

However, it's essential to remember that while the visual appeal of food can be a factor in your baby’s willingness to try it, it's not the only one. Taste, texture, and the overall sensory experience also play crucial roles in a baby's eating habits. Additionally, individual preferences can vary, and what works for one child may not work for another. So, while the presentation of food can be important, it's just one aspect of promoting healthy eating habits in infants and children.

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