3 New Baby Gift Ideas!

3 New Baby Gift Ideas!

3 New Baby Gift Ideas!

When one of your loved ones is expecting, it’s such an exciting time and we know you’ll want to show just how excited you are with gifts! That’s where our new baby gift ideas come in. We’ve picked out our 3 favourite new baby gift ideas covering all bases, from something for mum/dad  and something for the baby to practical gifts, fun gifts and thoughtful gifts, so we should have something for everyone. We also have something for every budget, so you can spend as much or as little as you’d like. So, let’s move onto the exciting part and find out our ultimate new baby gift ideas! 


Our New Baby Gift Ideas! 

Something For Baby

Of course, you’re going to want to treat baby too! Our Bamboo Baby Wash Mitts make the perfect new baby gift idea and are both cute and practical – ticking all the new parent boxes! . Babies have a natural instinct to dislike their mouths or noses to be covered, so we developed our wash mitts to ensure that parents can easily wipe baby’s face during bath time or meal time, without the discomfort of baby’s airways being momentarily covered. Plus, they are designed to support different stages of development, starting with showing baby bright colours and fun movements using the baby mitts as small puppets. This is a new baby gift idea to help parents avoid tears during bathtime and it’s also a fun gift for baby that they can grow with. 


Something For Mum/Dad

One thing that every new parent mentions is how they never manage to drink their tea or coffee whilst it’s so hot. This might seem like a minor thing normally, but when you’re sleep deprived and adjusting to a new way of life, sometimes a nice hot drink is just what you need to keep going. So, a great new baby gift ideas targeted at parents is a thermal mug! This is such a great gift that new parents might not think to buy themselves but can provide that little pick me up each day. 

To go with the mug if you have the budget, a voucher for their favourite coffee shop is another wonderful new baby gift idea, as they can get out of the house, get their favourite drink in their new thermal cup and enjoy it at home when it’s still hot, even if it is an hour later because there was a nappy explosion emergency!

Something Practical 

If you want to provide a practical new baby gift, then this idea is for you! An exciting part of a baby's development comes when they start weaning, and as many people choose gifts suited to the newborn stage, looking slightly later down the line is a great way to provide a gift that can be enjoyed months past the newborn bubble. So, our Bib & Tray kit is a wonderful gift! 

Designed to support baby’s independent eating, the Bib & Tray Kit allows baby to become a more confident eater and explore the world around them, without the mess. Any food that is dropped or smashed remains within the tray, so you simply need to wipe down afterwards, helping to save you time and reduce food waste. The long sleeve bib also makes sure that baby remains clean, so there are less outfit changes. Plus, the Bib & Tray kit can be used for sensory play too, so you know it will get lots of use. This new baby gift idea can support the baby through from 6 months to 3 years and can be attached to any high chair. 

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