Super Easy Baby Led Weaning Lunch Ideas

Super Easy Baby Led Weaning Lunch Ideas

Super Easy Baby Led Weaning Lunch Ideas

Baby led weaning can be really fun for both baby and parents, however it can also be time consuming, so we’ve collated some quick baby led weaning lunch ideas for you! Sometimes you just want those go-to recipes, especially at lunch times when you’re juggling a million things but still want to give baby a nutritious and delicious meal. So, this is where our super easy baby led weaning lunch ideas come in! Grab one of our Suction Plates to support either baby led weaning or spoon fed weaning, then get ready to find your latest weaning go-to meals! 

Our Delicious, Quick and Easy Baby Led Weaning Lunch Ideas

Easy Chicken Noodles

Our first super easy baby led weaning lunch idea is our easy chicken noodle recipe! This takes a matter of minutes to put together, it combines different textures for baby to explore and it's colourful, so you know baby is accessing a range of different vitamins within their meal. Plus, add a few seasonings and you can feed yourself and older children with the same recipe! This baby led weaning lunch idea will become your weekly go-to. 

Veggie Packed Feta Egg Muffins

Next up on our list of baby led weaning lunch ideas that are quick and simple, we have our veggie packed feta egg muffins! When you have lots of different things on the go throughout the day, sometimes you don’t even have 10 minutes to stand in the kitchen and cook. So, our oven baked feta egg muffins are perfect, as you put everything into a bowl, mix with eggs and then pop in the oven so you can go away and get other things sorted. Not only is this baby led weaning lunch idea packed full of nutrients, but you can also batch make and freeze them, saving you even more time! We also have a goats cheese, kale and yellow pepper muffin version to mix things up slightly! 

Baby Pesto Pasta

If your baby is a pasta lover like we are, then our baby pesto with pasta, ricotta and nutmeg will go down a treat! This quick and simple baby led weaning lunch idea will introduce baby to new flavours. Plus, you can blend a small portion of the pasta once it’s ready to then mix in with the rest of the dish to suit the consistency you’re looking for. This dish is full of goodness and you can also experiment with different soft cooked green veg as your baby tries more different foods. 

Festive Pita Bites 

When you want something super quick that doesn’t require any cooking, our festive pita bites are a great baby led weaning lunch idea! All you need to do is cut out pita shapes using a cookie cutter and top them with your baby’s favourite spreads, such as guacamole or hummus, chop up some colourful veggies into small pieces and then get creative! You can get your little one involved with the toppings and allow them to have fun. You could also make some sweet versions with this baby led weaning lunch idea, such as peanut butter and banana as toppings. 

Tuna and Avocado Tartine

Our last super easy baby led weaning lunch idea is a tuna and avocado tartine! Another really quick recipe that tastes great, all you do is mash the ingredients together, add your topping to bread or toast then finish off with chopped tomatoes. This is a really balanced lunch that will keep baby feeling satisfied and again, introduces them to new textures to encourage them to be confident eaters. Simple and really effective, this baby led weaning lunch idea is the perfect weekday meal when you’re short on time. 

Final Thoughts

Taking time to make delicious weaning recipes can be great, however, we all have days where we need to save some time without compromising on nutrition or flavour for baby. This is where our super easy baby led weaning lunch ideas come in! To make lunch times even quicker and easier, our Bib & Tray Kit helps to save 10 minutes on clean up per meal and also up to £1 a day on food waste! This will soon become a weaning essential that will help to keep weaning fun for baby and easy for you. Give a few of these a try and make sure to let us know what you think. 

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