Sensory Bee Tray

Sensory Bee Tray

Sensory Bee Tray

Let your little one buzz around this bee inspired sensory tray! Designed to help develop your baby and toddler’s motor skills this sensory tray will have your little one buzzing for hours.

What you need

  • A large storage container with sections (or a bee shaped one)

  • Bee inspired toys (honeycomb etc)

  • Different sized play items (popcorn seeds, chickpeas etc)

  • Measuring Cups and Spoons

  • Optional: Make it taste safe with Cheerio's, cooked chickpeas etc

What to do
Set the supplies at ground level or eye level and let the little one/s mix, sort and play as desired

What kind of learning opportunities does this craft provide?

  • Sensory / tactile learning

  • Science (the mixing of materials and nature exploration)

  • Fine motor skills

  • Cooperative learning

  • Imaginative play

Idea & 📸: @meghan_0x