Sensory play

Tasty Sensory Food Paints

Tasty Sensory Food Paints

Babies love to put anything and everything into their mouths, which can make messy or sensory play a little challenging!  These edible ‘paints’ made from 100% natural ingredients are perfect for baby sensory play.

It's also a great way to take foods out of mealtimes and increase your babys exposure to them in a fun and relaxed way. The more familiar a food is to your baby, the more likely they are to accept it. Turning often-refused foods into edible paint (which you can make together with toddlers) is a great introduction to Sensory Food Education. 


  • Carrot (orange paint)
  • Parsnip (white paint)
  • Broccoli and/or peas (green paint)
  • Strawberry and/or Raspberries (red paint)
  • Cooled boiled water


Wash and peel the fruit and vegetables and cut into small pieces. Steam until very soft and then blend each colour until smooth.  Add a little water to give the desired consistency and allow to cool completely before using.

Use the paints to create a finger painting picture directly on the highchair or Tidy Tot Sensory Tray Or finger-paint onto paper or card to make pictures you can keep (for an hour or two anyway)!

Top Tip:

Frozen fruit and veg is generally less expensive than fresh and work just as well.  If using fresh, choose fruit and veggies that are past their best (but still edible) to minimise any food waste.  

Have fun!

Why not check out out free downloadable to keep and print? Tasty Paints

@kai_and_ezra_too having fun with finger paints!