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Tasty Paints

Tasty Paints

We all know how little ones love to put their fingers and various objects in their mouths which can make messy play a little challenging! That’s why we love the idea of safe, edible ‘paints’ made from natural ingredients so you can relax and let your baby explore and get messy!


All you will need for this fun activity is:


  • Carrot (for orange paint)
  • Broccoli (for green paint)
  • Strawberry (for red paint)
  • Cooled boiled water


To make the orange and green ‘paints’, simply wash and peel the vegetables and cut into small pieces. Steam until very soft and then blend until smooth and allow to cool completely before using.

For the red ‘paint’, wash and hull the strawberries and blend until smooth. You can add a little water if necessary to achieve the best consistency.

Let your baby try painting directly into the Tidy Tot Tray with their fingers, or paint onto paper or card to make creative pictures you can keep (for an hour or two anyway)!

Have fun!

Why not check out out free downloadable to keep and print? Tasty Paints

@kai_and_ezra_too having fun with finger paints!