Baby bathtime fun

Baby bathtime fun

Baby bathtime fun

How to make bathtime a special time

Bathtime at the end of the day is a special time to bond with your baby or toddler. A time to clean and cuddle up, and wind down getting ready for bed. Here at Tidy Tot, we’re super excited that our new Bamboo Wash Mitts can make bathtime even more special. These super soft and naturally absorbent wash mitts are perfect to banish any bathtime tears and gentle for sensitive skin and teething gums.

Here are our top tips to make bathtime extra special and fun…

Tip 1: Make bathtime relaxing and fun

Bathtime should be a relaxing time. Playing games and chatting in the bath whilst you use soft baby wash cloths to wash away any mealtime mess or mucky faces is a great way to set the tone for a relaxing, enjoyable bath for baby.

The three super soft, re-usable baby mitts – a tiger, rabbit and owl – make great little puppets to play peek-a-boo with!

Tip 2: Encourage independence

Babies and toddlers love learning new things and doing things for themselves. Give them a little independence by putting the baby wash cloths on their little hands and encouraging them to wash themselves. Just like @life_with_finley_and_eli is doing here.

They could even give your hands a little wash!

Tidy Tot’s Bamboo Wash Mitts come with three baby-sized mitts and three adult-sized mitts so you can lead by example and show them how to do it, as you do with a spoon during weaning. Imitation is a great way to learn. 

Tip 3: Know when enough is enough

Whilst some babies love a bath straight away, others may need to build their time up in water little by little. If water starts to cool or they may be too tired and ready for bed, know the signs that tell you enough is enough. Lift them with both hands, bring them to your chest for warmth and reassurance and wrap them snuggly in a soft towel.

@myboyandme3 shows us lovely post-bath snuggles here.

Babies can feel the cold quicker than adults so get them dressed quickly ready for bedtime cuddles.

Bathtime is a special time, we’ll be giving more tips and advice to make it relaxing and stress-free in further blog posts.