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Bonfire Night Sleep Tips

Bonfire Night Sleep Tips

Here at Tidy Tot we have teamed up with Chris, The Daddy Sleep Consultant, to bring you some super useful tips around getting your little one to sleep on and around Bonfire night. Chris is the first qualified male baby and toddler sleep consultant in the UK & Ireland - find out more about Chris here! 


Chris offers fantastic tips and courses to help your little one get a better night sleep all year around – of course that means you do too!! So, take a look at his courses here and his blog… keep reading for instant tips around Bonfire Night and a special offer we have just for you! 



1) For young babies, stick to your normal bedtime routine....or even a bit earlier. 


If your little one isn't staying up for the fireworks, then you want them to be in a deep sleep before the fireworks start. 



2) Don't be worried about giving them extra comfort. 


Some little ones can get upset with the loud noises at this time of the year. Don't be concerned about offering them more support if they wake and are distressed. It won't throw out their normal routine. 


3) Late Night? 


That's ok. Let them lie in the next day. Big events like this are rare and we all need a bit of fun. On day off track wont impact sleep long term. 


4) White noise. 


Even if you don't use it regularly, it's a great tool to block out external noise. 


5) Pyjamas under clothes.


For older toddlers who are going to fireworks displays, they may fall asleep in the car/buggy on the way home. It makes the transition to bed as easy as possible.


We hope you found them useful, Chris, The Daddy Sleep Consultant, also has a fantastic offer with his online course which helps with lots of different common sleep challenges. He is offering for a limited time only 15% off with code _FIREWORKS15 see link to book a course.