How to support and encourage your child’s development

How to support and encourage your child’s development

How to support and encourage your child’s development

Children’s experiences, especially in their first 5 years has been shown to have a significant impact on their development later in life. Therefore, as parents its important to make sure you support and encourage your child’s development where you can.


Coordination and Motor Skills

Coordination and motor skills are often interlinked. Motor skills can either be defined as gross motor skills; which involve using the large muscle groups and enable you to walk, balance and ride a scooter, or fine motor skills; which refer to smaller movements such as grasping an object. Coordination skills are essential, and we use them in many tasks we do. Hand-eye coordination skills refer to your hands and eyes working together and help with a child’s reading and writing. For example, writing requires fine motor skills to hold a pencil, and hand-eye coordination to form letters correctly.

Scooters, trikes and play tunnels are great for developing gross motor skills whereas musical instruments, puzzles and games help with fine motor skills and coordination.


Colours, Letters and Numbers

Learning our colours helps with cognitive development and visual perception. Teaching children their letters help to develop language skills and is fundamental in reading, and numbers are something we use everyday to help us tell the time and for maths. Books, games and puzzles are all fantastic ways for helping your little one to recognise their colours, letters and numbers.


Imaginative Play

Children have big imaginations and imaginative play is a great way to help them express themselves and understand the world they live in. It also builds creativity and confidence and is another way to help with language development. Play sets and books are both brilliant ways to encourage the use of our imaginations.


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