Our Favourite Baby Bath Time Products

Our Favourite Baby Bath Time Products

Our Favourite Baby Bath Time Products

Kokoso Gentle Hair & Body Wash

When it comes to gentle cleansing for delicate baby skin, our favourite bath time product is Gentle Hair & Body Wash by Kokoso, here’s a little more information about it and why we love it:

Gentle Hair & Body Wash contains a mighty 10% moisturising organic coconut oil, blended with soothing organic aloe vera and coconut-based bubbles. The soft creamy formula gently cleanses delicate skin, soothes the scalp and nourishes hair from root to tip. Having scooped Silver in the ‘Free From’ Skincare Awards, you can rest assured it’s free of nasties and kind to little ones.

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Tidy Tot Bamboo Wash Mitts

To bring some playtime to wash time, our Bamboo Wash Mitts go down a treat! These super soft wash mitts are crafted from renewable bamboo, which is super soft, naturally absorbent and anti-bacterial. With 3 adult-sized mitts and 3 child-size mitts, your little one will love the cute animal shapes as they learn to wash themselves! You can shop for them here ?.

We also have some great bath time ideas over on our blog, including how to make the experience more relaxing with a bath time wash cloth story.



Cuddledry Towel

Now your baby has enjoyed a soothing soak and hopefully a little relaxation, it’s time to get out and keep warm and our favourite Cuddledry towel is an absolute must-have. Here’s why we love it so much:

The Cuddledry handsfree towel turns struggles into snuggles for happy baby bathtimes! Made using the softest bamboo and cotton blend. The towel is worn like an apron, keeping two hands free, to safely lift and cuddle your baby after the bath. The towel also keeps you dry – win win! Loved by new parents, midwives and celebs too- including Mrs Hinch and Paloma Faith! The towel has also won over 80 awards for it’s clever design. An extra pair of hands when you need them most!

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Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

At the end of bath time, why not treat your little one to baby massage with Kokoso Baby® Coconut Oil? Take a look at their blog here for tips on baby massage.

Here’s why we love it so much:

Keep delicate skin beautifully moisturised and baby-soft with Kokoso Baby® Organic Coconut Oil. Loaded with soothing natural nutrients and skin-loving fatty acids, this multi-tasking wonder oil will care for and protect your family’s skin in so many different ways.

Shop Kokoso Baby® Coconut Oil now



Clean, dry and cosy in their fresh pyjamas it’s time to give baby a little mani – pedi! We love the ingenious Baby Nails to make this process stress free! Here’s a little more information about them and why we love them:

Baby Nails is a safe and simple solution to baby nail care from birth. A newborn, nails grow so fast and sharp so keeping them short and smooth will help to prevent scratches and keeps their hands mitten free to explore.

Baby Nails has a clever wearable design so you can care for your baby’s nails whilst keeping them happy and content. You can feed, cuddle or even read to your baby at the same time, just perfect after a bath, when they are calm and relaxed.

Shop Baby Nails here


So, there you have it our top 5 favourite products for bath time! We hope you found our tips useful, and they help to make bath time for you and your baby a wonderfully bonding and relaxing experience.

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