Valentine’s Day Sensory Canvas

Valentine’s Day Sensory Canvas

Valentine’s Day Sensory Canvas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we are here to spread the love… we’ve got a great sensory play idea for you and your little one! Sensory play is the perfect way for your little to explore their sense. Learn more about different sense and sensory weaning here!

You will need:

  • Small canvas
  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Different textures – foam or carboard
  • Water
  • Glitter/gems/ feathers  
  • Glue

Start by cutting colourful tissue paper into hearts - we folded the paper a couple of times to make more hearts at the same time then you are set for you little one to have some fun.

Place the canvas in front of your little and allow them to wet the canvas – it only needs to be damp

Then begin placing the tissue hearts on top of the water and watch them stick - with no glue!

Repeat this until the canvas is covered.

Watch the colour from the tissue run into the water and create pretty washed-out colour pattens!

Once your little one has finished placing the tissue hearts and splashing in the water – set aside and allow to dry a little then cover with a watered down PVA glue.

When the tissue is stuck and dry, we then went in and added some gems and other textures for extra sensory fun!


All our multi award winning weaning bibs are perfect for this activity depending on your little one’s age – our Bib and Tray Kit offers the perfect surface for sensory play including water fun without getting wet and of course reducing clean up time. Our Cover and Catch Bib and Long Length coverall are also perfect for creative play keep your little one dry and clean.    

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