Bib & Tray Kit

The Bib & Tray Kit Story

The Start of the Bib & Tray Kit

The Bib & Tray Kit was invented by Tidy Tot's founder and mum of three Jen. Jen set about solving her weaning anxieties when her daughter Chloe started to wean.

On the left you can see the first design of the Bib & Tray Kit! We think we've come along way since then!

Once we seen that other families loved the Bib & Tray Kit as much as we did, we decided to work on a new design. That's when our sage green Bib & Tray Kit was born! Our Sage Green and Dove Grey Kit's (as seen below) remain our best selling products today!

Setting up the Bib & Tray Kit

We recommend setting up your Bib & Tray Kit first, before sitting your baby in the highchair. That way you can get a nice clean line when attaching the bib to the tray.

Place the Tidy Tot tray on top of your highchair or over your booster seat and use the suction cups on the underside of the tray to secure to your highchair tray or table

To attach the bib to the tray, remove the wash strip from the bottom of the bib and attach it to the front of the tray. Try to make sure no Velcro is visible.