Bamboo Wash Mitts and Bib & Tray Kit

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Introducing our Tidy Tot Wean and Clean bundles are designed to encourage your little one to feed themselves and also learn to clean themselves too!

This fantastic bundle contains our iconic Bib with Tray Kit teamed with our beautifully soft and re-usable Bamboo Wash Mitts to make feeding and clean up time fun for both you and baby!


Bib & Tray Kit in Dove Grey

Includes 1 x Coverall Bib & 1 x Tray
Catches food mess and spills and protects clothes
Prevents food, cutlery and utensils falling to the floor
See at a glance how much your baby has eaten
Long sleeve, coverall bib in easy-clean, water-resistant fabric
Tray provides a hygienically clean, food-safe, BPA and Phthalate free surface for your baby to eat from
Easy to clean – wipe clean tray and machine washable bib
Easy to assemble & folds away for easy storage
Comes with a handy, wipe-clean storage bag
Also includes a Small Highchair Adaptor to improve stability on smaller framed highchairs
Adjustable neck fastening suitable from 6 months up to 2 years
Ideal for both weaning and messy play

Bamboo Wash Mitts

Each pack contains 3 x baby sized mitts and 3 x adult sized mitts.
Crafted from super-soft, renewable bamboo
Washable and re-usable
Naturally absorbent & anti-bacterial
Environmentally friendly alternative to disposable baby wipes
Kind to dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin
Use at mealtime, bath time, anytime!
Suitable from birth – use from newborn to toddler years
Perfect as a newborn gift or baby shower gift

What's Included?

The Tidy Tot Bib with Tray Kit contains 1 x Tray, 1 x Coverall Bib with removable wash strip; 1 x Small Highchair Adaptor; Storage bag.

Bamboo Wash Mitts set contains 3 x baby sized mitts and 3 x adult sized mitts

How To Use

Bib & Tray Kit

Place the Tidy Tot tray on top of your highchair or over your booster seat and use the suction cups on the underside of the tray to secure to your highchair tray or table.

Remove the wash strip from the Tidy Tot bib and attach the bib neatly to the front of the tray. Be sure to line up the Velcro strips on both the bib and the tray carefully

If you feel as though the Tidy Tot tray needs more stability, then you can secure it to the back of your highchair using the Small Highchair Adaptor.

Place your baby in their highchair or booster seat and feed their arms through the sleeves of the bib. Close the adjustable neck fastening for a comfortable fit.

We have created this handy video to show you how to set up to the Bib & Tray Kit.

Not sure how to fold your Bib & Tray Kit? Click here to see how.

Let baby enjoy and explore their food whilst you can relax about the amount of mess they are making!

Bamboo Wash Mitts

Place the baby sized mitts on your baby’s hand/s, or let them hold them if they prefer. Use the adult sized mitts to wipe baby’s face and hands or to wash them at bath time, whilst they play and imitate with their own baby mitt.

Make up stories, create your own characters, sing, dance, but most of all have fun!

Create a world of play as you wash!

Care Instructions

To keep your Bib with Tray Kit in prime condition, it is important to clean and care for it after each use.

Tray: Wipe or wash clean with warm soapy water after each use. Allow it to air dry and store in a dry place. Do not machine wash and do not put in the dishwasher. Not to be ironed or put in the tumble dryer. Some natural staining may occur as a result of contact with foodstuffs.

Bib: Machine wash after each use at 40º. Use the wash strip provided to close the hook and loop fastening on the bottom of the bib. Wash and dry inside out. Do not use biological washing powder or fabric softener when washing. Do not wash with delicate items. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Do not iron. Cool tumble dry only.

Storage Bag: Wipe clean only.

Bamboo Wash Mitts: Machine wash at 30°C with similar colours. Do no bleach. Do not tumble dry.


Will the Tidy Tot tray fit my highchair?

Our Tidy Tot tray has a universal fitting, meaning it will fit most highchairs with and without their own tray, including the popular Ikea Antilop. The Tray can also be used with booster seats at the table and comes with a Small Highchair adaptor which is designed to fit the stability of the tray on smaller framed highchairs.

For more information about highchair compatibility, please check out our FAQs page, or get in touch with the Tidy Tot team. We will be happy to help and advise.

Are there any highchairs that the Tidy Tot tray won’t work with?

Unfortunately, there are some highchairs which aren’t compatible with the Tidy Tot tray: Mamas and Papas Bop, Baby Bjorn, Concord Spin, Keter 3-in-1, Phil and Teds High Pod, Mima and Nomi.

Your Tidy Tot Tray and kit should work fine with all other highchairs, but please do let us know if there are any we have missed!

Is the Tidy Tot Tray Food Safe?

The Tidy Tot tray is 100% Food Safe, which means that it is perfectly safe for food to come into direct contact with the Tray. The material is free from any toxins and provides an anti-bacterial, BPA and Phthalate free surface for your baby to eat from. Beware of cheap imitations, as the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit is the only kit which is certified to be Food Safe.

My highchair doesn’t have its own tray. Can I still use the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit? 

Yes! The Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit fits on most highchairs and booster seats, including those without a tray.

What is the Small Highchair Adaptor for? 

The Small Highchair Adaptor can be used when using the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray Kit on smaller framed highchairs, such as the Ikea Antilop. The Small Highchair Adaptor should stop the Tidy Tot tray from dropping down at the back and sides and ensure that the tray remains stable when in use.

Will the suction cups stick to any surface?

The suction cups on our Bib & Tray Kit stick best to completely smooth surfaces such as smooth plastic and glass, however will not stick to rough or textured surfaces such as grainy plastic or wood, including the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchairs and trays.

If you have a specific question about your highchair please get in touch and we will be very happy to advise you.

My suction cups are not sticking well, what can I do?

Sometimes the suction cups can become misshapen during storage and transit. If you are trying to stick your suction cups to a smooth, flat surface and find that they are not sticking well simply fully immerse the suction cups into boiling water for 30 seconds to one minute.

You will notice that any kinks or irregularities in the cup will disappear and it will return to its original round shape. Optimal suction performance should then be resumed! Watch video here.



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About our Baby Washcloths

Hands up if your little one just hates having their face wiped after a messy meal, or there are tears at bath time after a long day?

Here at Tidy Tot, we understand the struggle that comes with keeping  messy little faces clean, and our super cute baby washcloths help to bring playtime to clean-up time!

With 3 wash mitts especially designed for baby’s hands and 3 adult-sized wash mitts in each pack, you can create a world of play as you wash baby thanks to the fun designs, helping to encourage independent wiping and cleaning.

Our baby washcloths are crafted from beautifully soft, naturally absorbent and anti-bacterial bamboo and these super-soft wash mitts are kind to dry, sensitive and allergy-prone faces. They are gentle enough for newborns and can be used right up to toddler ages – perfect for siblings who love playing in the bath!

The renewable bamboo fabric is washable and re-usable and offers an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to disposable baby wipes.

Our bamboo wash mitts are perfect for multiple uses and are ideal for messy mealtimes, bathtime, playtime – anytime!

These beautifully packaged baby washcloths also make a gorgeous baby shower or new baby gift which will last through the years.

About our Bib with Tray Kit

Whether you are traditional puree weaning, baby-led weaning or mixing it up, our Bib with Tray Kit is a weaning journey essential and will help to reduce the washing up and cleaning that comes with messy mealtimes.

Our unique Bib with Tray system gets rid of the gap between baby and highchair, whilst also giving your baby a large food-safe surface where they can explore and discover food. The tray is just wider than baby’s arm span and the lipped tray stops food and toys from falling to the food. This design cuts clean up time in half and allows you to see at a glance just how much food has been eaten as it’s all there on the tray.

Unlike other bibs available on the market, this is a complete kit made up of our award-winning Coverall bibs with tray. This Bib with Tray kit is not only perfect for weaning, but for messy and creative play too. Painting, baking, sand, Playdough and even water play can all be contained on the large, wipe-clean tray.

The Bib with Tray kit also comes with a super handy wipe-clean storage bag for easy transportation, too!

This essential Bib With Tray Kit comes with everything you need for your weaning journey. Alternatively you can shop both products separately here: Bamboo Wash Mitts and Bib and Tray Kit