Baby led weaning this Christmas

Baby led weaning this Christmas

Baby led weaning this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to start baby led weaning. We know! We know! But, the mess, right? You already have glitter everywhere, but here’s why Christmas is the perfect time for Baby led weaning?

What is baby led weaning? – in short, it’s offering foods to your little one and allowing them to try tastes in their own time. You can find out more about baby led weaning in this blog. Our blog on different ways to wean can help you understand which might suit your little one.

(Not sure if your baby is ready to wean? Take a look at our blog here to help you decide.)

• Vegetables which are served at Christmas make the perfect finger food for your little one

• Eating is very social and sitting at the table with your little one means you can model behaviours like chewing

• Christmas lunch is the perfect environment to try new tastes - from new vegetables to a small amount of Christmas pudding depending on age

• Baby can enjoy an incredible sensory experience with all the sensational smells from cooking Christmas dinner which is an important part of weaning (take a look at our sensory weaning approach)

• Seeing you eat your Christmas dinner is the perfect way to help establish a healthy relationship with food with your little one – don’t worry about sharing foods off your plate as long as there is plenty to go around…. encourage interest in new tastes

All the above also applies to spoon led weaning too if this is the weaning approach that you prefer. Simply puree all of the Christmas food that you want your baby to try , make plenty for future meals too and the dining experience can be just the same fun for your little one!