Weaning bib for Christmas

Weaning at Christmas

Weaning at Christmas

Christmas can be busy enough – here’s how our weaning bibs can help!

Christmas can be extremely hectic with various family gatherings, Christmas parties and Christmas shopping to name but a few, so why not try one of our weaning bib solutions which help encourage independent eating and save on washing!

We have a range of great weaning bib solutions (they are award winning after all!)

Our Bib and Tray Kit offers full protection; it doesn’t just prevent your little one from getting messy, but it also stops the floor from getting messy too! It also doubles up as a great crafting space so your little one can join in with the glitter fun but save you time on clearing up! 

The award-winning Cover & Catch bib is a brilliant compact weaning bib solution - it folds up into a small bag which is great for weaning whilst visiting family, catching all spills from your little one’s lap and saving their super cute Christmas outfit too! 

The Long Length Coverall bib is a great all-rounder weaning bib, perfect for ages from 6 months to toddlers during Christmas mealtimes – saving laps from any gravy spills or mash disasters.  You can encourage your little one to eat independently knowing their outfit if safe from stains and spills It’s also compatible with any high chair or booster seat and comes with a matching carry bag which is perfect for festive visits. Let’s face it carrying gifts around is enough without spare outfits too!

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