Mealtime Matters with Tidy Tot and doddl

Mealtime Matters with Tidy Tot and doddl

Mealtime Matters with Tidy Tot and doddl

If you’re just starting to think about weaning your baby, or you’re in the midst of establishing mealtimes with your toddler, all the information, guidance and advice out there can be a bit… overwhelming. So, we’re here to help!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at doddl to combine our years of experience in mealtimes to bring you Mealtime Matters – a complete hub bursting with information, help and resources to help guide you through your mealtime weaning journey from early weaning to independent eating and everything in between.

You can join at any point in your journey, just find the stage most relevant to you and we’ll be sharing expert advice, helpful hints and real-life experiences from other parents to bring it all to life. Put simply, Mealtime Matters will help make all that overwhelming information a bit more…. digestible.

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Mealtime Matters

You’re getting ready to start weaning your baby onto solid foods and your brain is buzzing with lots of questions and perhaps some worries too. We can help!

Read along to find out:

  • What signs to look out for to indicate your baby is ready to start weaning
  • A useful breakdown of the different approaches to weaning (Spoon-fed, Baby-led Weaning (BLW) or Sensory Weaning) and which one might be best for you and your baby
  • The equipment you will need to give you and your little one the best start

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Ready, set, go! You’re all set to get going on t

his exciting taste adventure and there will be lots of questions, learnings and mess along the way!

We’re here to help with:

  • Top tips for getting started
  • The best first food (purees or finger foods)
  • How to add flavour with our Sensory Weaning approach
  • How to prepare foods
  • Weaning with allergies
  • Introducing cutlery
  • Supporting your baby’s development
  • Myth busting and support (common weaning myths, gag reflex, key milestones)

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At this stage you will hopefully be feeling more confident and really getting into the swing of things, but this new chapter also brings developmental changes and it’s own set of challenges.

Follow on with the program for advice on:

  • New foods to introduce at this stage
  • Adding flavour and interest to meals
  • Supporting development through fine motor skills to encourage self-feeding
  • Eating out with your child
  • Worries and concerns including ‘is your baby eating enough’, fussy eaters, gagging vs choking
  • The connection between food and sleep
  • Introducing snacks
  • How to deal with leftovers

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Your little eater is becoming more independent, fine-tuning those fine motor skills and hopefully developing a varied and healthy taste palette (don’t panic if they have got fussier than ever though! There’s so much you can explore and work through together in this phase and we have the resources to help guide you on your way.

Read more about:

  • The key equipment that will help you at this stage
  • The importance of family mealtimes
  • New foods to introduce and recipes to try….let’s get adventurous!
  • Supporting development through messy and sensory play
  • Worries and challenges including tantrums, fussy eaters and portion sizes

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We’re all so excited to join you on this exciting adventure and hope we can help and support you along the way. If there is any content or information that you are looking out for, please get in touch and let us know – together we can make Mealtime Matters an amazing hub for all weaning parents out there.

Come and check out the complete Mealtime Matters program here

With love,

The Tidy Tot & doddl teams x