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Top Tips for Weaning

Top Tips for Weaning

Top Tips for Weaning

We know that weaning can be a confusing time, with so many different approaches, experts and advice to read about. With such a dizzying amount of information around sometimes it helps to hear from other parents who have already been through the weaning journey or are mid-way through! Here at Tidy Tot we’re on a mission to make life easier for parents and fun for baby! So, to celebrate the launch of our new Cover & Catch Bib, we asked our customers and team members for their top weaning tips.

Top Weaning Tips from Parents

“Don’t give baby too much at once. Whilst they’re chewing one bit, playing with another, they will launch anything else anywhere they fancy!” – Jo-c87
“Take your time during meals, try not to rush them. Quick meals on the go with pouches are a life saver at times but nothing beats giving your baby proper food to squish with their hands when you’re not in a hurry. If I wasn’t rushing anywhere I found we both had more fun with it and I was less stressed as well – bonus!” Andrea, Tidy Tot team member
“Don’t be disheartened if they reject what you spend ages cooking, chances are they’ll love it the next day!”  Katie Prestage
“Let your baby experience as many tastes, textures and colours as possible. Make meals visual and social too – we eat together and have matching meals but with extra yumminess for Emilia. Leave them to explore and enjoy it ?. Babies only have tiny tummies so don’t stress about how much they’ve eaten, they’re clever and will eat as much as they need”  MissMashcroft

“Don’t stress too much if you’re baby isn’t particularly hungry one mealtime, or they won’t try a new food. Babies are just like us – sometimes they just don’t fancy it! As long as you can expose them to different tastes and textures throughout weaning you will be helping to develop their tastebuds and food repertoire.” Louise, Tidy Tot team member.

Weaning should be a fun and exciting adventure, but there’s no denying the mess can sometimes get a little stressful! Our new Cover & Catch Bib is the perfect coverall weaning bib to use at home or when out and about to help contain mess and spills. Suction cups attach to the highchair, highchair tray or table to create a ‘well’ which catches any dropped food and the water resistant, full coverage bib ensures clothes stay dry and clean. Eat, Spill , Catch, Repeat!