Water water everywhere

Water water everywhere

Water water everywhere

Messy Play experts, Mess Around, share more top tips and messy play ideas with us and this time it’s all about getting wet with water!

There are endless possibilities for your little one to explore when it comes to water play, and it doesn’t just have to be in the bath. Your mess makers can develop their gross and fine motor skills with a pour, scoop or splash!  Here are a few ideas of how you can add an extra dimension to your water play at home.



Water beads wonder

water beads

A fun way to explore water and develop that all-important pincer grip is with water beads. You can pick up water beads easily online and simply follow the instructions to prepare. The texture is amazing, they feel a little like jelly in ball form so they add an extra sensory dimension to any water activity. Add some tongs, scoops or cups to see how many your little one can collect or simply run your fingers (or even toes) through to explore the sensation.

Top Tip: Water beads should always be a supervised activity. Put a few on your Tidy Tot Tray and enjoy exploring this fun activity together

Life’s A Beach- Hook A Duck Water Play

You could have all the fun of the fair at home with a fun hook a duck activity and help develop hand eye coordination too. Add some small ducks or floating toys to a paddling pool, sink or even your bath. This activity keeps them busy for ages, but sadly you won’t get to win the seaside goldfish!

Top Tip: Why not add any left over water onto your garden or house plants. A great way to not be wasteful with water and helps your plants grow too!

ICE ICE Baby- Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

frozen dinosaur eggs

You can have hours of fun playing with this ice activity. Simply add a small toy to an empty balloon, fill with water and freeze. When you are ready to play, remove the balloon off your frozen toy and then you can explore the freezing and thawing. It’s a fab way to cool down on a warm day too!

Top Tip: Why not add in additional sensory materials to explore? We added our frozen ‘dinosaur eggs’ into their nest of leaves (salad) and hay.

‘Water-way’ to have a splashing time!

We hope you enjoy exploring water with your little one outside of the bath or swimming pool. We love the endless possibilities that water can bring and how it can be used alongside other messy activities too.


Mouldable Soap Fun

We are big fans of mouldable soap at Mess Around. One of our favourites is Crazy Soap. It is a fantastic tactile material to play with as you can mould it into any shape you can think of and its made of safe, mild ingredients so as well as being fun, it’s perfect for cleaning your little angel’s skin.

Add some toys, sponges and a little water and scrub away. Not only do you have lots of fun but your toys end up nice and clean too!

Top Tip: It’s a good idea to pop a towel or sheet down to avoid things getting too slippy or squirt directly onto your Tidy Tot to explore the foamy fun together.

If you are looking to explore more messy fun then why not come along to an upcoming Messy Play event near you. All you have to do is come along and mess around and leave the cleaning up to us! Check out messy play events near you.

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