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Which Weaning Bib is right for you?

Which Weaning Bib is right for you?

Here at Tidy Tot we have a range of weaning bibs designed to make weaning that little bit easier for you whilst encouraging self-feeding and a confident approach to eating for your little ones.

Each bib has slightly different features to suit your weaning approach and lifestyle so that you can find the ideal weaning bib for you and your baby. Here’s our handy guide to finding the perfect weaning bib for you!

All our Tidy Tot weaning bibs are designed to help reduce the time it takes to clean up after meal and play time – they are all made from water resistant, wipe-clean fabric and come with an adjustable neck fastening and baby soft cuffs for added comfort. It goes without saying they are machine washable too! All our weaning bibs are available with long sleeve and some styles are available with short sleeves.

Tidy Tot weaning bibs come in 3 different styles, the Bib & Tray Kit, the Cover and Catch Bib and finally the Long Length Coverall bib.

Weaning Bib

There key features are:

Bib & Tray Kit 

• Includes a food safe tray which attaches to any smooth surface and is ideal for encouraging your little one to explore

• Coverall weaning bib attaches to tray – prevents food falling onto baby’s lap, highchair or onto the floor

• Easy to clean - wipe the tray clean and machine washable bib

• Suitable from 6 months up to 2 years

• Additional bib available in long and short sleeves

Cover & Catch Bib

• Attaches directly to your highchair tray or table to catch dropped food and spills in your baby’s lap

• Prevents food and spillage on the floor

• Available in long and short sleeves

• Wipe clean or machine washable

• Suitable from 6 month to 2 years old

Long Length Coverall Bib

• Extra Long length bib perfect for little ones on the move

• Large crumb catcher pocket with easy-clean side opening poppers • Compatible with any high chair or booster seat

• Wipe clean or machine washable

• Suitable from 6 month to 3 years old

With such a wide choice of weaning bibs, you can be confident in having the best weaning bib for you throughout your weaning journey. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch and the Tidy Tot team will be happy to help!

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