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The Power of Play: How to Promote Good Dental Hygiene Through Fun Games

The Power of Play: How to Promote Good Dental Hygiene Through Fun Games

Teaching dental hygiene to children can be a struggle. Most of the time, they won’t listen! An easy solution is to make it fun, and this is where the power of play enters the picture.


Read on and we’ll share some of the best ways to promote good oral hygiene in a manner that is fun and engaging!


5 Tips To Teach Dental Hygiene Through Games

From messy play dates to bath time fun, kids love anything enjoyable. Hence, if you want to teach them dental hygiene, you won’t go wrong by incorporating elements of play.


1.      Role-play

Role-playing is important for the development of key skills and competencies for children. It is also one of the best ways to teach oral hygiene to the little ones. You can have their full attention when they are having fun, increasing the chances that whatever you teach them will stick.


During the role-play, the parent can act as a dentist and the kid is the patient. The play is an opportunity to mimic the dental environment, making kids at ease. This way, they will be more comfortable the next time they are with a dentist.


2.      DIY Toothpaste

A small science project will make a fun activity that the little ones will enjoy. Best of all, this is an opportunity to teach them a thing or two about dental hygiene. Among others, one project that you can do with the kids is DIY toothpaste.


Baking soda, salt, essential oils, and filtered water are the main ingredients that you will need. Simply mix them to form a paste. While doing so, explain to the kids the ingredients in commercial toothpaste and share with them how it is beneficial for their oral health.


3.      Model Mouth

Creating a model mouth is another fun choice when playing games that promote dental health in children. One of the best ways to make a model mouth is through clay. You can also cut out cardboard pieces. Alternatively, you can use Duplo or Lego blocks to create something like a mouth with teeth.


Use the model mouth to teach them how to brush their teeth properly using an electric toothbrush. Dentaly recommends letting the little ones use electric toothbrushes once they are old enough. It is not only fun to use, but it also encourages better plaque removal without too much effort.


To make clean-up time more fun and playful, you can also use Tidy Tot wash mitts for demonstrating how to clean the mouth. These wash mitts are super soft and naturally absorbent. While they are more commonly used for baths, they can make a great alternative for cleaning the mouth, especially in babies. You can also use it when cleaning model mouth to show children how proper cleaning can get rid of bacteria.


4.      Brush a Plushie

Aside from making a model mouth, another creative idea is to buy a plushie with visible teeth. It will be good if it is specially designed to teach brushing to kids. Such toys have plastic mouths and come with a plastic toothbrush, which will let you demonstrate the right way to brush.


Be creative during playtime. If the kid is brushing too hard, act as if the toy is complaining of excessive pressure. If the child is brushing without any effort, shout as if there are residues left in the mouth begging to be removed.


5.      Eggs-periment

For this little fun game, you will need eggs. The eggshell has a similar composition to your tooth enamel, making it a great material to use for an experiment.


First, you need several cups filled with soda, orange juice, milk, and vinegar.

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Leave an egg in each cup overnight. The next day, show the kids how the eggshells are weaker, which is the same thing that can happen to their teeth. Next, brush toothpaste in an egg and leave it for several days. Soak in a cup with the same liquids. Show your kids how the eggshells are now harder. This can encourage them to brush their teeth using the right toothpaste.

So, next time your child resists when you are teaching dental hygiene, make it fun! You can do this through games, such as role-playing and using a model mouth. Such will make the activity more engaging and effective! This way, it is easier to have their full attention as you try to impart important lessons.


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