Why babies throw food and what you can do about it?

Why babies throw food and what you can do about it?

Why babies throw food and what you can do about it?
There’s nothing more frustrating than preparing food for your little one and for half of it to end up on the floor. We have pulled together the most common reasons why your baby might be throwing food and our top tips to overcome this.

1. Your baby may be feeling overwhelmed.
Introducing new foods to your baby can be overwhelming for them, particularly if they are presented with a lot of different textures and flavours all at once. Too much of a new food, or too many foods at once, can lead them to reject their meal without giving it a try. Try offering small portions when introducing a new food, or using sectioned plates which naturally break up the presentation of the meal for your baby. This will encourage your little one to give it a try, discourage throwing and stop any food waste in the process!

2. Your baby is full.
It’s a simple one, but being finished with what’s in front of them is usually the most common reason for your baby to throw food. Throwing food off the tray is the quickest way to get rid of it. And a great way to tell you that they are full. You can try offering smaller portion sizes at a time, adding more food once what’s in front of them has been eaten or finished with.

3. They could be trying to get your attention.
The best way to teach your baby table manners is to eat together as a family. Your baby or toddler will watch you eat and try and mimic your behaviour. Eating together gives you a natural and gentle opportunity to re-enforce good behaviour at the table so your little one knows what they are doing right. Set clear boundaries from the get go and let your baby know that throwing food is not okay.

4. Have the right equipment.
Having the right equipment is a great place to start when trying to stop your baby throwing food at mealtimes.. Our Bib & Tray Kit is designed to be just wider than baby’s arm span, keeping more food on the table and letting nothing fall to the floor. You could also try using a suction weaning plate with sections to make more complex meals feel less overwhelming.

Whilst throwing food can be annoying and messy, the good news is it won’t last! By being consistent and following these simple steps your baby will learn to stop throwing food, and mealtimes will become mess free in no time.
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