Weaning and Cleaning

Weaning and Cleaning

Weaning and Cleaning

We know that weaning is a messy experience! Here at Tidy Tot, we’ve got your clothes and floors covered with our range of award-winning bibs and now we are here to help to clean those little hands and faces too!

It’s no secret that little ones are not fans of having their faces wiped, either after a messy meal or during a bubble bath time. This is why we have designed our Bamboo Wash Mitts especially, to bring the fun to clean up time, helping to reduce tears and make the experience more fun for you and baby!

Super-soft for delicate baby skin, our Bamboo Wash Mitts are kinder to sensitive skin and can be washed and re-used, helping to reduce your use of disposable face wipes too!

Top tips to make clean-up fun!Clean bath time

  • Play peek-a-boo with our wash mitts, making a game out of wiping!
  • Wipe your own face and let your little one get involved too
  • Always use warm water to avoid the shock of a cold cloth
  • Use positive reinforcement when wiping their hands and faces
  • Allow them to explore the wash mitt themselves and use it for play
  • Play ‘puppets’ with them and use them to tell the ‘Clean Up Story’

The Clean Up Story

Once upon a time a little owl and fox had finished enjoying their yummy lunch together and it was now time to clear up.

They started a silly little dance to make it lots of fun!

They took one step to the right (wipe face right) then they took one step left (wipe face left).

They jumped up and down (move mitt and up and down), they met together and took a little bow to finish off their show!

Why not get creative and create your own story and routine that your little one will love! 

Here are some more great bath time ideas!