Overnight Banana Weetabix

Overnight Banana Wheat bisks

Overnight Banana Wheat bisks


  • 1 Wheat bisks
  • 1 Medium sized Banana -
  • 40ml of Milk -
  • Chai Seeds -
  • 1teaspoon of Peanut butter (You can swap for your baby’s favourite such as almond butter etc)


1. Firstly, break the Wheat bisks up into your bowl. Add milk and then flatten.

2. Mash up 1 medium sized banana and flatten on top of the Wheat bisks

3. Spread 2 large tablespoons of full fat Greek yogurt on top off your banana

4. Springle your Chai seeds on top

5. Add a spoon of peanut butter and lightly mix into the yogurt

6. Leave in the fridge overnight ready for breakfast time!